1-Gallon Superdeck  Detergent

16 OZ-Superdeck Detergent

Product ID: 4003361

Superdeck® Decktergent® Wood & Masonry Cleaner is a biodegradable
cleaner that is safe and effective on exterior wood, concrete and masonry
surfaces. The concentrated powder formula can be mixed in varying strengths,
from a mild everyday cleaner to a full-strength mixture that will attack the
toughest stains caused by dirt, grease, mold or mildew.  This unique and
versatile cleaner easily removes dirt and lifts oil and pollution from wood,
masonry and concrete surfaces, and lets you simply rinse them away with water. 
Decktergent is an excellent pre-treatment prior to finishing or sealing wood,
masonry and concrete.

Decktergent Wood & Masonry Cleaner breaks down
grease, oil, dirt and other foreign substances into very fine particles. It
keeps these particles suspended, preventing them from settling and re-attaching
to the surface of the substrate being cleaned. The suspended particles are
easily removed when the surface is rinsed with water.

Note: When cleaning
redwood or cedar, wood extractives (tannins) may be brought to the surface. 
These may be neutralized with Superdeck Wood
after cleaning.